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Mayfair, a part of Northeast Philadelphia, is rich in history, commerce and community. Known for the shops and restaurants along “The Avenue”, Mayfair Philly has been where the action is.


Mayfair was establish in the early 1930s when the Market-Frankford El was built, and made the area accessible to commuters being just 20 minutes outside of the bustling downtown district. The Mayfair Theater cemented the growth of Mayfair by making it a destination spot. Throughout the 1960’s and into the 80’s, Mayfair Philly was a busy commercial area with a growing population of people moving from downtown searching for a neighborhood that was safe, stable and centrally located. Mayfair delivered.


The intersection of Cottman and Frankford Avenue has always been the place “Where Philadelphia Comes to Celebrate.” From the 1980 & 2008 Phillies World Series wins and the 2018 Eagles Super Bowl, fans know where to go.


In 2015, the Mayfair Business Improvement District was created to assist in the commercial growth of the community. A collaborative of businesses along Frankford Avenue, Cottman Avenue, Ryan and Robbins Avenues.


Today, Mayfair Philly is a bustling district with more than 300 businesses offering bars & pubs, bakeries, donuts shops, florists, auto repair and sales, music stores, medical and dental services, funeral homes, specialty shops, clothing, sportswear, beauty shops for hair and nails, supermarkets, convenience stores, and so much more.

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Mayfair Business Improvement District Annual Report

A Year in Review

A look back at everything the Mayfair Business Improvement District Accomplished in 2019.


So many wonderful things happened in Mayfair this past year, with the 1st Annual Grand Prix, the 2nd Annual Arts Festival, the return of the WIP SportsRadio Go Birds Tailgate Events, and the new Mayfair Theater. Improvements in safety, cleanliness and occupancy.


In 2019 MBID received several grants for storefront improvements, marketing and corridor enhancements, and $100,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Tourism, which have helped us beautify the avenue and get the word out to more people that Mayfair is the place to be.


Click here to read the Annual Report >>

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